Happy 2nd Anniversary In French


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Place them in the kitchen, dining room, paste it on the fridge, mirror, bathroom, and everywhere else that you can think of. Trust us, it’ll be loved more than your expensive gift! The word félicitations [feh lees ee ta see yohn] is quite flexible and can work for all types of scenarios, and so does the verb it is derived from: Contextual translation of happy second anniversary my love into french.

If you want to wish a happy birthday : Joyeux anniversaire, or bon anniversaire. if you're talking about a wedding birthday you can say : Joyeux anniversaire de mariage, or bon anniversaire. Contextual translation of happy anniversary into french. Geburtstag. |anniversary ist nicht geburtstag. /jahrestag company anniversary= zum betriebsjubliläum wedding anniversary: “joyeux anniversaire de mariage. ” which translates as “happy anniversary of marriage”, as “joyeux anniversaire” also means happy birthday. It is the most basic and common way to say congratulations in french. It is perfectly acceptable to just say.