Indian Wedding Traditions And Customs


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The regional, religious, cultural and traditional diversity calls in for a variety of customs and rituals being followed in different indian marriages. Though the feeling and fervor behind all the weddings is the same yet you will find differences in rituals, ceremonies and traditions in. Mehndi is applied to the bride’s hands and feet. Mehndi is a ceremony in a hindu wedding, which is only attended by the women in the family.

In this ceremony, the bride’s hands and. The bride invites mothers, bridesmaids, sisters, and friends from both families. This indian ceremony is about beautifying the bride. It can be seen as the equivalent of a bridal shower. Weddings are the most pious and joyous events for any family. Since the beginning of time, weddings have held an important place in every culture. And, indians celebrate their weddings like a festival that stretches for 3 to 4 days. Myriad indian wedding traditions and ceremonies are a part of this culturally rich nation. That's because indian wedding dresses are typically quite colorful—not to mention enrich with amazing beading and embroidery.