Lady Diana Wedding Tiara


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The spencer tiara had been in the family for quite some time at that point. Comprised of a few different family jewels, the central part of the diamond bandeau tiara was a wedding gift from lady sarah spencer to cynthia spencer, countess spencer (diana's grandmother) on her wedding day in 1919. The tiara was given to the family as a wedding present in 1919 to a lady cynthia hamilton. Lady diana wedding tiara.

Diana's mother and sisters all wore the diamond headpiece on their wedding days too, and it still belongs to the. Called the spencer tiara, the piece was created in different elements. In 1919, the main central part of the tiara was a wedding gift to lady cynthia hamilton, diana’s grandmother, when she married viscount althorp. It was a present from lady sarah spencer, viscount althorop’s unmarried cousin. By princess diana archive/getty images. The ornate diamond tiara princess diana wore for her wedding to prince charles in 1981 is about to go on display for the first time in decades. Like all good royal pieces, the spencer tiara is actually made up of other pieces of jewelry. The central part of the tiara was given as a wedding present to. Princess diana married prince charles in 1981.